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We help move your big ideas through research and into commercialized products

Your big, bold ideas are unique, and they won’t move forward with a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’re not a defined-services firm – we’ll LISTEN to you, then apply our broad skill set to serve your unique needs.

MRC is excited to work with you in support of your business, research, development, and commercialization goals by providing customized consulting, advisement, and facilitation and project execution-related services through tasks and projects such as:

  • Interfacing with federal entities and personnel

  • Research focus area strategy and proposal assistance

  • Strategic landscape analysis

  • Business model and value proposition canvas development

  • Customer segment identification

  • Business development and engaging with larger relevant communities of interest and more

We’ll work with you on a Retainer, Project, or even Hourly basis to provide maximum flexibility – whatever will work best to get your ideas moving. We’re here when you’re ready to talk.


Ongoing, open-ended, broad-scope, ROI-focused, consultative-based relationships.


Defined-scope projects such as facilitating a business model canvas or value proposition workshop, or research proposal assistance.


Scope- and time-limited engagements such as targeted discussions, small-group presentations, or brainstorming facilitation.

*Please note that we generally do not work on a contingent basis.



Thank you for your message. We'll be back in touch as soon as possible!

"Hy5 has enjoyed a long-term relationship with Mesquite Road Consulting. As a Norwegian health technology company entering the US market, MRC serves as a great value contributor. MRC continually proves they have the know-how and ability to get things done, serving as an extension of Hy5’s own capabilities and execution in the US and even internationally."
Christian Fredrick Stray, CEO, Hy5
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