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Mesquite Road Consulting's mission was born in 2003 within the Military Amputee Research Program (MARP) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The MARP program was formed and Congressionally-funded for the benefit of Service members whose lives had been irrevocably altered through significant and traumatic injury during their volunteer service to our nation. The resulting improved quality of life of these wounded warfighters inspired the formation of our company to continue, and even expand, that mission.

Mesquite Road Consulting (MRC) is named after our founder’s hometown of Mesquite, TX, and references Texas’ resilient and tenaciously deep-rooted Mesquite tree. Additionally, the company name acknowledges the individual paths we each walk through life and the importance of learning to embrace that journey. Most importantly, MRC stands for respect — proactively treating all others the way we want to be treated. For that purpose, we aim to leverage our own resilience, tenacity, and deep-rooted knowledge and experience to help people achieve their dreams, no matter what challenges life has dealt them.

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TROY A. TURNER Mesquite Road Consulting Founder & CEO


Troy is passionate about empowering lives by helping others grow and achieve. He has significant operational, technical, and leaderships skills and a relentless bias toward action and respect. He has discovered that the highest use of his skills and ambition is to help others.

During his 20+ years in the U.S. military and Department of Defense, Troy advised on scientific advances and research gaps in areas of biomedical and rehabilitation research related to orthotics, prosthetics, and neuromusculoskeletal injury rehabilitation. He also helped guide research in cutting edge directions and areas of novel technology application.

Through Mesquite Road Consulting, Troy works with people and organizations dedicated to helping others achieve the highest possible quality of life through medical technology and related research. By working across all sectors to develop overarching strategies, diverse funding streams, and aggressive plans of action, Troy helps organizations succeed, resulting in profound improvement in the lives of impacted consumers.


  • Developed research programs and funded a half-billion dollars through:

    • The Military Amputee Research Program

    • The Orthotics and Prosthetics Outcomes Research Program

    • The Neuromusculoskeletal Injuries Rehabilitation Research Program

  • Authored several SBIR/STTR topics

  • Served on numerous federal advisory panels across the DoD, VA, and Department of Health and Human Services; awarded NIH Directors Awards in 2017 and 2018

  • Served six years as a member of the Amputee Coalition’s Science and Medical Advisory Committee while chairing their Research Subcommittee


View Troy's full CV on LinkedIn


How We Act

Be an owner: Know the business. Sweat the details. Own the client relationship. Think long term. Be meticulous.

Be inclusive: Value diverse voices. Identify unique points of view. Seek first to understand.

Empower and grow others: Unleash human potential. Help others grow. Invest in each other.

How We Make Decisions

Walk in their shoes: Listen. Take the time to deeply understand clients, their jobs and pains. Solve problems from their perspective.

Do the homework: Research. Gather all the facts. Discover what we don’t know and seek to master it.

Simplify: Bring order to perceived chaos. Replace uncertainty with clarity. Reduce. Simplify.

How We Succeed

Take action: Our bias. Get things done. Execute. There are no instructions for the future. Create it, iterate, evolve.


Be bold: Embrace crazy ideas. Every big idea starts small.

Be here now: At work or home, be 100% present.


Mesquite Road Consulting – Empowering lives by improving technology.

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