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Mesquite Road Consulting (MRC) is a boutique consulting firm focused on research and development in assistive technologies including prosthetic and orthotic devices, exoskeleton systems, physical rehabilitation, rehabilitation robotics, and more.

MRC is excited to work with you in support of your business, research, development, and commercialization goals by providing customized consulting, advisement, and facilitation and project execution-related services.


With a relentless bias toward action and in-depth client engagement, Mesquite Road Consulting works hand-in-hand with clients to inspire, assist, and support research, development, and commercialization of assistive technology.


Inspiration | Motivation | Experience

MRC's story is built on tenacity, deeply rooted knowledge, leadership, and respect. Our guiding principles aren't suggestions, they are how we live.


Know-how | Capability | Adaptable

MRC will craft and execute a solution to fit your unique needs. Working together is simple – here's how we can make that happen.


Information | Connection | Resources

Browse and learn from MRC's diverse collection of resources focused on a community of interest that ranges from science to strategy to startups.

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