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The New Mesquite Road Consulting

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Just over a year after opening our doors Mesquite Road Strategic Partners has evolved into Mesquite Road Consulting (MRC).

Starting with the questions "Who are you?", and "What do you stand for and why?", MRC has completed an in-depth branding project to ensure that our purposes, mission, and vision are aligned with our values. These aren't the values we want you to think we hold dear, but the values we live every day. At our core, Mesquite Road Consulting is based on respect: proactively treating and doing unto others as we would have them treat and do unto us.

Working with Frederick, MD-based branding and graphic design studio Lisa Gorham Creative (, and Los Angeles-based copywriter and content strategist Hilary O'Brien (, Mesquite Road Consulting is pleased to present our all-new brand identity, overall look, our new website, as well as our various social media touchpoints on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

Mesquite Road Consulting (MRC) is a boutique consulting firm focused on research and development in assistive technologies including prosthetic and orthotic devices, exoskeleton systems, physical rehabilitation, rehabilitation robotics, and more.

MRC's goal is Empowering Lives by Improving Technology.

Mesquite Road Consulting's mission was born in 2003 within the Military Amputee Research Program (MARP) at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The MARP program was formed and Congressionally-funded for the benefit of Service members whose lives had been irrevocably altered through significant and traumatic injury during their volunteer service to our nation. The resulting improved quality of life of these wounded warfighters inspired the formation of our company to continue, and even expand, that mission.

MRC is named after our founder’s hometown of Mesquite, TX, and references Texas’ resilient and tenaciously deep-rooted Mesquite tree. Additionally, the company name acknowledges the individual paths we each walk through life and the importance of learning to embrace that journey. Most importantly, MRC stands for respect — proactively treating all others the way we want to be treated. For that purpose, we aim to leverage our own resilience, tenacity, and deep-rooted knowledge and experience to help people achieve their dreams, no matter what challenges life has dealt them.

We're really excited to hear from you, work with you, and help you accomplish your goals. To learn more about Mesquite Road Consulting and how we can help with your challenges, check out our website at

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