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Mesquite Road Consulting - Resources II

This past July we provided access to numerous information resources, many of which are difficult to find, but all of which are helpful to those seeking to identify not just #fundingopportunityannouncements (#FOA's), but also federal and business processes.

Today we are posting links to an additional ten resources, several build on the detail already provided, while several serve to introduce new areas.

To access the MRC Resources page, select Resources from our main page at

New resources now live on our website includes:

--How to submit an external R&D proposal to the US #Army #Medical #Research and #Development Command (#USAMRDC)

--Links to #CDMRP funding opportunity synopses, as well as links directly to those CDMRP #funding opportunities

--Links to the #Defense #Acquisition #University (#DAU) guide to Other Transaction Authority (#OTA's)

--The #NationalScienceFoundation (#NSF) active funding opportunities, and links to where to search for current and previous NSF #awards

--The National Institutes of Health (#NIH) #grants process overview

--The #FoodandDrugAdministration (#FDA) #assistance/grants opportunities

--Links to information providing an overview of, and also a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between #incubators and #accelerators

--Finally, a link to #StartupGrind, the largest independent startup community, connecting more than 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 600 chapters. With a chapter almost certainly closer than you think.

There are still many other resources to come. But as before, if you know of resources we should add, please forward those us at

If we can help or provide additional detail about any item on our Resources page, please don't hesitate to email or call!

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